Home of the Open Platform Golf Course Designer

The OPCD Toolset was designed to allow anyone, regardless of computer skillset, to design a golf course to be playable in any 3D engine. Currently, the most widely utilized purpose for the OPCD Toolset is creating golf courses for play in GSPro – https://gsprogolf.com/ . Until the website is completed, I would recommend joining us on Discord. There is a large community of golf course designers with many years of designing experience willing to help you create the course of your dreams. The OPCD Toolset is an add on for Blender and we utilize additional free tools, such as, Inkscape and Unity to complete our course creations.


This page was developed out of a love for golf, computer graphics design, and golf simulation. I am a hobbyist who has enjoyed graphics design on the computer for many years and in 2015 joined my passion for golf with the world of 3D computer design and golf simulation.

The goal of this page is to provide an easy access to resources in the community used for creation of 3D golf courses. All assets on this page are content created by myself or other community users. One of my main reasons for creation of the OPCD toolset and this page was to produce some of the most photorealistic recreations of golf courses for play in golf course simulation programs.

Additionally, if you desire, I will take you start to finish on Golf Course Construction using a variety of mostly free computing tools. My tutorials will focus on a final product that could run in any real time environment platform, such as, Unity, Unreal, Lumberyard, etc. 

My hope is that the knowledge gained here may inspire you to share with the community. I have always enjoyed the internet when it can do good for others and pay it forward.


GS Pro is the leader in next generation golf simulation software. Amazing 4k graphics, ultra realistic ball physics and a massive community who constantly contributes.

For those interested in playing their real creations on an esports golf tour, head over to SGT where there is a thriving community of simulation golf tour players from around the globe.